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Contributions ECN Biomass [17] to the '12th European conference and technology exhibition on Biomass for Energy, Industry and Climate Protection'
Published by: Publication date:
ECN 1-6-2002
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ECN-RX--02-014 Conference Paper
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Presented at: 12th European Conference and Technology Exhibition on Biomass for Energy, Industry and Climate Protection, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 17-21 juni 2002.

ECN Biomass has presented 17 contributions to the '12th European conferenceand technology exhibition on Biomass for Energy, Industry and Climate protection'

  1. An overview of innovative biomass gasification concepts / A. van der Drift
  2. The impact of biomass co-firing on fouling in coal fired boilers / R. Korbee, S. Eenkhoorn, P.G.Th. Heere, B. Simpson and J.H.A. Kiel
  3. Co-production of bio-ethanol, electricity and heat from biomass residues / J.H. Reith, H. den Uil, H. van Veen, W.T.A.M. de Laat, J.J. Niessen, E. de Jong, H.W. Elbersen, R. Weusthuis, J.P. van Dijken, L. Raamsdonk
  4. Gas engine operation on fuel gas from CFB biomass gasifier / L.P.L.M. Rabou, C.M. van der Meijden, L.M. Brenneisen, E. de Kant, H. Klein Teeselink, R. Wubbe
  5. Environmental assessment of biomass ashes for utilisation options / R.N.J. Comans, R.P.J.J. Rietra, J.H.A. Kiel, D. Hoede, P.A. Geelhoed
  6. Gas cleaning : the Achilles heel of biomass gasification / J.H.A. Kiel
  7. Tar guideline : a standard method for measurements of tars and particles in biomass producer gases / J.P.A. Neeft, S. van Paasen, H.A.M. Knoef, G.-J. Buffinga, U. Zielke, K. Sjöström, C. Brage, P. Hasler, P.A. Simell, M. Suomalainen, M.A. Dorrington, L. Thomas
  8. Analysis of biomass in ECN database Phyllis / L.P.M. RAbou, A. van der Drift, J. van Doorn
  9. Feasibility of SNG production by biomass hydrogasification / H. Mozaffarian, R. Zwart
  10. Biomass ash-bed material interactions leading to agglomeration in fluidised bed combustion and gasification / H.J.M. Visser, S. van Lith, J.H.A. Kiel
  11. Early agglomeration recognition systems (EARS) / J.H.A. Kiel, R. Korbee, J.R. van Ommen, J. Nijenhuis, C.M. van den Bleek
  12. Physical removal of tar aerosols from biomass producer gases by ESP and RPS / J.P.A. Neeft, C.M. van der Meijden, L.P.L.M. Rabou, H. Klein Teeselink, L.M. Brenneisen, F.B. van der Ploeg, L. Dinkelbach
  13. Primary measures for tar reduction, reduce the problem at the source / V.B. van Paasen, P.C.A. Bergman, J.P.A. Neeft
  14. Ways to increase the carbon conversion of a CFB gasifier / A. van der Drift, C.M. van der Meijden
  15. Quasi-equilibrium models for biomass gasification reactors / S.R.A Kersten, W. Prins, A. van der Drift, W.P.M. van Swaaij
  16. Green diesel from biomass with Fischer-Tropsch synthesis / H. Boerrigter, H. den Uil
  17. Development of photobioreactor technology : a tool for selective cultivation of microalgae for co-production of fine chemical and biofuels / J.H. Reith, E. van Zessen, J. van Doorn

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