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Publications from author Heere, P.G.T. 
Korbee, R.; Boersma, A.R.; Cieplik, M.K.; Heere, P.G.T.; Slort, D.J.; Kiel, J.H.A.;
Fuel characterisation and test methods for biomass co-firing : ECN contribution to EU project ENK5-1999-00004 Combustion Behaviour of 'Clean' Fuels in Power Generation (BioFlam)
ECN-C--03-057 EN oktober 2003; 73 pag.
Bergman, P.C.A.; Boerrigter, H.; Comans, R.N.J.; Doorn, J. van; Drift, A. van der; Eenkhoorn, S.; Geelhoed, P.A.; Heere, P.G.T.; Hoede, D.; Kiel, J.H.A.; Korbee, R.; Meijden, C.M. van der; Mozaffarian, M.; Neeft, J.P.A.; Paasen, S.V.B. van; Rabou, L.P.L.M.; Reith, J.H.; Uil, H. den; Veen, H.M. van; Visser, H.J.M.; Zessen, E. van; Zwart, R.W.R.; Simpson, B.; Laat, W.T.A.M. de; Niessen, J.J.; Jong, E. de; Elbersen, H.W.; Weusthuis, R.; Dijken, J.P. van; Raamsdonk, L.; Brenneisen, L.M.; Kant, E. de; Klein Teeselink, H.; Wubbe, R.;
Contributions ECN Biomass [17] to the '12th European conference and technology exhibition on Biomass for Energy, Industry and Climate Protection'
ECN-RX--02-014 EN juni 2002; 55 pag.
Presented at: 12th European Conference and Technology Exhibition on Biomass for Energy, Industry and Climate Protection, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 17-21 juni 2002.
Kiel, J.H.A.; Eenkhoorn, S.; Heere, P.G.T.;
Ash behaviour in entrained-flow gasification: preliminary studies
ECN-C--99-037 EN april 1999; 53 pag.
Korbee, R.; Eenkhoorn, S.; Heere, P.G.T.; Visser, H.J.M.; Comans, R.N.J.; Kiel, J.H.A.;
Combustion characteristics of low quality battle coals: mineral matter transformations
ECN-C--99-035 EN 1999; 55 pag.
Korbee, R.; Eenkhoorn, S.; Heere, P.G.T.; Kiel, J.H.A.;
Co-gasification of coal and biomass waste in entrained-flow gasifiers: phase 2: exploratory lab-scale experimentation
ECN-C--98-056 EN december 1998; 62 pag.
Vuthaluru, H.B.; Eenkhoorn, S.; Hamburg, G.; Heere, P.G.T.;
Behavior of iron bearing minerals in the early stages of pulverized coalconversion processes
ECN-RX--95-070 EN 1996; 25 pag.
Vuthaluru, H.B.; Eenkhoorn, S.; Heere, P.G.T.; Kiel, J.H.A.;
Devolatilisation of pulverised coal: experiments in ECN's AEFGC-simulator
ECN-I--95-028 EN 1995; 43 pag.