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Publications from author Nieuwenhout, F.D.J. 
Hartl, P.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Wiggelinkhuizen, E.J.;
Review of investment model cost parameters for VSC HVDC transmission infrastructure
ECN-W--17-015 EN juni 2017; 13 pag.
Published in: Electric Power Systems Research (Elsevier), 2017, Ed.151, p.419-431.
Careri, F.; Viscardi, V.; Migliavacca, G.; Rossi, S.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Sijm, J.P.M.; Volkers, C.H.; Olmos, L.; Ramos, A.; Rivier, M.; La Torre, J.;
A Toolbox supporting a pan-European technical evaluation of costs and benefits
ECN-O--15-062 EN december 2015; 115 pag.
Sanchis, G.; Welle, A.J. van der; Sijm, J.P.M.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Ozdemir, O.;
Europe's future secure and sustainable infrastructure - e-Highway2050 project results
ECN-O--15-059 EN november 2015; 52 pag.
Bulder, B.H.; Bot, E.T.G.; Wiggelinkhuizen, E.J.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.;
Quick scan wind farm effi-ciencies of the Borssele loca-tion
ECN-E--14-050 NL augustus 2015; 34 pag.
Wiggelinkhuizen, E.J.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Ars, M.; Bauer, P.; Kontos, M.; Roggenkamp, M.; Gazendam, J.; Vree, D.; Truijens, J.; Dort, L.; Kramer, D.;
Synergies at Sea: A combined infrastructure for offshore wind and grid interconnection
ECN-M--15-020 EN maart 2015; 1 pag.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Wiggelinkhuizen, E.J.; Bauer, P.; Ciupuliga, A.; Meer, A. van der; Teixeira Pinto, R.; Rodrigues, S.F.R.;
North Sea Transnational Grid
ECN-F--14-037 EN december 2014; 8 pag.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Wiggelinkhuizen, E.J.;
Publieksversie validatie DNV GL document “Review – Netontwerp en uitrolstrategie TenneT Wind op Zee”
ECN-N--14-020 NL juli 2014; 6 pag.
Pierik, J.T.G.; Wiggelinkhuizen, E.J.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Hout, M. van;
North Sea Transnational Grid: A better way to integrate large scale Offshore Wind Power Summary report
ECN-E--14-004 EN februari 2014; 73 pag.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.;
Kosten van het inpassen van grote hoeveelheden zon- en wind in de Nederlandse elektriciteitsvoorziening
ECN-N--13-021 NL mei 2013; 11 pag.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Brand, A.J.; Lensink, S.M.;
Profiel- en onbalanskosten van windenergie in 2012
ECN-N--13-016 NL maart 2013; 4 pag.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Brand, A.J.;
The impact of wind power on APX day-ahead electricity prices - VVM-Intermittency project
ECN-E--13-010 EN februari 2013; 62 pag.
Welle, A.J. van der; Joode, J. de; Veum, K.C.; Feenstra, C.F.J.; Jansen, J.C.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.;
Susplan D5.1 Report on socio-economic approaches for integration of renewable energy sources into grid infrastructures
ECN-O--11-085 EN oktober 2011; 94 pag.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Brand, A.J.;
The Impact of Wind Power on Day-ahead Electricity
ECN-M--11-111 EN mei 2011; 5 pag.
Dogger, J.D.; Roossien, B.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.;
Characterization of Li-ion Batteries for Intelligent Management of Distributed Grid Connected Storage
ECN-W--11-002 EN januari 2011; 9 pag.
Published in: IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion (IEEE), 2010, Ed.99, p.1-8.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Jansen, J.C.; Welle, A.J. van der;
Regulatory strategies for selected Member States (Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, the UK)
ECN-O--10-007 EN juni 2010; 62 pag.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Jansen, J.C.; Welle, A.J. van der;
Market and regulatory incentives for cost efficient integration of DG in the electricity system. IMPROGRES project final report
ECN-O--10-006 EN mei 2010; 48 pag.
Hers, J.S.; Ozdemir, O.; Kolokathis, C.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.;
Net Benefits of a New Dutch Congestion Management System
ECN-E--09-075 EN november 2009; 88 pag.
Hommelberg, M.P.F.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.;
Virtuele elektriciteitscentrale: realiteit voor huishoudens
ECN-V--07-017 NL december 2007; 3 pag.
Published in: VV+ (Uneto-VNI), 2007, Ed.november, p.752-755.
Scheepers, M.J.J.; Hanschke, C.B.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Seebregts, A.J.;
Invloed van innovatieve technologie op de toekomstige elektriciteitsinfrastructuur
ECN-E--07-068 NL november 2007; 51 pag.
Diaz, P.; Egido, M.A.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.;
Dependability Analysis of Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Systems
ECN-W--07-036 EN september 2007; 20 pag.
Published in: Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications (John Wiley & Sons Ltd.), 2007, Ed.15, p.245-264.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Borg, N.J.C.M. van der; Sark, W.G.J.H.M. van; Turkenburg, W.;
A new method for estimating insolation based on PV-module currents in a cluster of stand-alone solar systems
ECN-W--07-011 EN januari 2007; 34 pag.
Published in: Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications (John Wiley & Sons Ltd.), 2007, Ed.15, p.387-404.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Visscher, K.; Schaeffer, G.J.; Hommelberg, M.P.F.; Kester, J.C.P.;
Feasibility of distributed electricity storage
ECN-W--07-009 EN januari 2007; 21 pag.
Published in: International Journal of Distributed Energy Resources, ISSI (T&S Publishers), 2006, Ed.volume 2, number 4, October - December 2006, p.-.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Heskes, P.J.M.; Kamphuis, I.G.; Rooij, P.M.; Visscher, K.; Warmer, C.J.; Cobben, J.F.G.; Combrink, F.; Duarte, J.; Myrzik, J.; Vaessen, P.; Vandenput, A.;
Flexible electricity grids: work package 1, EOS-LT project FLEXIBEL
ECN-C--06-017 EN april 2006; 68 pag.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Borg, N.J.C.M. van der; ... [et al.], ;
Benchmarking; Work package 4.3: benchmarking process and recommendations
ECN-C--05-010 EN 2005; 56 pag.
Moor, H.H.C. de; Wiggelinkhuizen, E.J.; Vervaart, M.R.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.;
Lifetime testing of solar home systems
ECN-RX--02-046 EN oktober 2002; 4 pag.
Presented at: PV in Europe - From PV Technology to Energy Solutions Conference and Exhibition, Rome, Italy, 7-11 oktober 2002.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Dijk, A.L. van; Lasschuit, P.E.; Roekel, G.M. van; Dijk, V.A.P. van; Hirsch, D.; Arriaza, H.; Hankins, M.; Sharma, B.d.; Wade, H.;
Experience with solar home systems in developing countries : a review
ECN-RX--02-001 EN 2002; 20 pag.
Published in: Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications (John Wiley & Sons Ltd.), 2001, Ed.9, p.455-474.
Martens, J.W.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Kaufman, S.L.; Green, J.;
Towards a streamlined CDM process for solar home systems
ECN-RX--01-073 EN december 2001; 4 pag.
Presented at: 17th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference, Munich, Germany, 22-26 oktober 2001.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Vervaart, M.R.; Rijt, P.J.N.M. van de;
Monitoring of solar home systems in China : first year results
ECN-RX--01-021 EN oktober 2001; 4 pag.
Presented at: 17th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference, Munich, Germany, 22-26 oktober 2001.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Martens, J.W.; Lasschuit, P.E.; Lafleur, M.C.C.; Cloin, J.;
Life-cycle analysis and optimisation of solar home systems. Interim report over 2000 of ENGINE project 74556
ECN-C--01-057 EN augustus 2001; 78 pag.
Ybema, J.R.; Cloin, J.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Hunt, A.C.; Kaufman, S.L.;
Towards a streamlined CDM process for solar home systems : emission reductions from implemented systems and development of standardised baselines
ECN-C--00-109 EN november 2000; 32 pag.
Dogger, J.D.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Vervaart, M.R.; Jansen, J.C.; Linden, N.H. van der; Lafleur, M.C.C.; Lasschuit, P.E.;
Life-cycle analysis and optimisation of solar home systems : interim report over 1999 of ENGINE project 74513
ECN-C--00-047 EN juni 2000; 34 pag.
Vervaart, M.R.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.;
Solar home systems : manual for design and modification of solar home system components
ECN-C--00-019 EN 2000; 148 pag.
Kanakis, A.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Veltman, A.T.;
Grote cellen in kleine systemen: mogelijkheden van het gebruik van multikristallijn-silicium zonnecellen met grotere oppervlakken in kleine PV-systemen
ECN-C--99-014 NL oktober 1999; 35 pag.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Dijk, A.L. van; Dijk, V.A.P. van; Lasschuit, P.E.; Roekel, G.M. van; Arriaza, H.; Hankins, M.; Sharma, B.d.; Wade, H.;
Monitoring and evaluation of solar home systems : experiences with applications of solar PV for households in developing countries
ECN-C--00-089 EN september 1999; 157 pag.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Rijt, P.J.N.M. van de; Wiggelinkhuizen, E.J.; Plas, R.J. van der;
Rural lighting: a comparison of lamps for domestic lighting in developing countries
ECN-RX--98-035 EN 1998; 6 pag.
Published in: Paper, presented at the 2nd World conference and exhibition on photovoltaic solar energy conversion, Vienna, Austria, 06-10 July (), , Ed., p.-.
Jansen, J.C.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Hulle, F.J.L. van; Mathur, A.; Srivastava, L.; Mathur, R.; Prasad, N.S.; Rajsekhar, B.;
Synthesis report of the TERI-ECN collaborative research programme 1995-1997
ECN-C--97-050 EN 1997; 53 pag.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.;
De energiesector in Indonesië
ECN-C--95-127 NL 1996; 59 pag.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Maly, M.; Knizek, P.; Kodytek, Z.;
Energy Agency of the Czech Republic: evaluation and recommendations
ECN-I--96-016 EN 1996; 38 pag.
Oostvoorn, F. van; Diepstraten, F.M.J.A.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Maly, M.;
Deregulation in Eastern Europe and the scope for energyconservation in industry: expectations versus realities
ECN-RX--94-124 EN 1995; 19 pag.
Presented at: 17th IAEE International Energy Conference 'Energy markets in transition', Stavanger, Norway, 25-27 mei 1994.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.;
Energy conservation stimulation programme for the Czech Republic.
ECN-C--94-018 EN 1994; 84 pag.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.;
Energy conservation stimulation programme for Slovakia.
ECN-C--94-019 EN 1994; 188 pag.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Lako, P.;
Clean coal technologies and environmental additionality
ECN-C--93-028 EN 1993; 33 pag.
Akker, J.H.A. van den; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.;
Climate change and developing countries: Priorities for policy research in the Netherlands.
ECN-C--91-011 EN 1991; 54 pag.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.;
Status and potential of photovoltaic (PV) systems in Rwanda.
ECN-C--91-058 EN 1991; 41 pag.