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Grote cellen in kleine systemen: mogelijkheden van het gebruik van multikristallijn-silicium zonnecellen met grotere oppervlakken in kleine PV-systemen
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Solar Energy 1-10-1999
ECN report number: Document type:
ECN-C--99-014 ECN publication
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This project aims at assessing the possibilities to find technologicalsolutions to use large crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells in small PV-systems, so that they can be applied with standard components such as batteries and battery charge regulators. These alternatives are compared to the use of a larger number of smaller (cut) cells to obtain a sufficiently high output voltage. In the longer run the costs for using modules with half cells is estimated at about NLG 10 per module of 20 Wp (USD 0.25/Wp). This is not supposed to be strongly dependant on the wattage of the module. It can be concluded that the costs of using modules with cut cells are in the same order as applying DC/DC conversion (approximately NLG 15). For reasons of simplicity, higher reliability and absence of additional space requirements one would prefer, under most circumstances, modules with cut cells over additional DC/DC conversion. However, if for marketing reasons, aesthetic arguments or a simpler production process one chooses for DC/DC conversion, the preferred solution is to integrate the DC/DC converter in the battery charge regulator. 9 refs

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