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Summary of the 4th Workshop on Metallisation for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells
Beaucarne, G.; Schubert, G.; Hoornstra, J.
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ECN Solar Energy 30-11-2013
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ECN-W--13-059 Article (scientific)
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Published in: Energy Procedia (Elsevier), , 2013, Vol.43, p.2-11.

The 4th Metallization Workshop held in May 2013 in Constance, Germany, enabled experts in metallization for crystalline silicon solar cells to obtain a clear view on the status of the technology, as well as to exchange and generate new ideas and insights. From the contributions on the workshop, it was clear that the traditional metallization technique of screenprinting Ag paste has been improved in a dramatic way over the last two years, accelerating the decrease of Ag consumption per cell while improving solar cell efficiency. This was achieved through enhanced understanding of screenprinted contacts, improving Ag pastes and evolutionary modifications to the screenprinting technique. Alternatives to screenprinting, including electroplating of Ni and Cu contacts, also continue to progress, though not quite at the same impressive rate of improvement as Ag printing.

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