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Colored solar modules using integrated pixelated resonant dielectric nanoscatterer arrays
Neder, V.; Luxembourg, S.L.; Polman, A.
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ECN Solar Energy 25-9-2017
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ECN-M--17-033 Conference Paper
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Presented at: EUPVSEC, Amsterdam, , 25-29 september 2017.

Green colored photovoltaic modules based on silicon heterojunction solar cells integrated with periodic arrays of light scattering Si nanoscatterers were made. Here, we expand this concept to multiple colors and color combinations. We show that random arrays of silicon nanoarrays can be combined to pixels to create the desired color. By adjusting the coverage of pixels composed of different nanoparticle arrays different colors can be designed and the calculated chromaticity values can be obtained from the fabricated sample. The pixelated nanoscattering concept was used to realize a solar mini-module with a scattering spectrum close to white. The calculated relative loss in short-circuit current is only 19%. The nanoparticle pixel arrays can be made using soft imprint lithography opening up an alternative route for designing low loss colored PV modules.

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