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Energiebesparing, hoe is het mogelijk? Een sociaal-psychologisch onderzoek naar de bevordering van energiebesparing door gedragsbeïnvloeding bij gezinshuishoudingen.
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ECN Policy Studies 1980
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ESC-5 ECN publication
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The Energy Study Centre, of the Dutch Energy Research Foundation and the Department of Social and Organisational Psychology, Leyden University have performed a research project on the effectivity of behavior change strategies to influence the energy-use in family households. An overview is presented of the different approaches to behavior change: information, the approach based on learning principles and the coercive-approach. A field experiment has been carried out in which the effects of four strategies were tested. These strategies were: 1) general information about how to conserve energy in the home, 2) weekly feedback with respect to the magnitude and financial consequenses of the own energy-use, 3) weekly feedback with respect to the magnitude and financial consequenses of the own energy-use compared with the use of people in comparable conditions (same houses), 4) weekly feedback (comparative) and financial reinforcement for decreases in energy-use. The results indicate that the individual feedback and financial reinforcement + feedback are effective in decreasing energy-use, the comparative feedback is effective under certain conditions, the qeneral information seems hardly effective. The results are also related to the attitudes of the residents towards energy conservation.

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