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Bestrijding van SO2- en NOx-emissie bij steenkoolverbruik.
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ECN Policy Studies 1981
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ESC-10 ECN publication
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This report discusses the problems of abatement and control of S02 and NOx emissions from the use of coal for energy production. Based on recent sources the major technical and economic features of abatement and control technologies are described. In addition the SO2 and NOx emissions resulting from new technologies such as fluidized bed combustlon and gasification are discussed. In the section on SO2 control a survey is given of the main flue-gas desulfurization technologies and of the various methods for coal cleaning. In the section on NOx the formatlon of NOx during coal combustion is assessed and the factors which influence the concentration of NOx in the flue gas are discussed. Typical NOx emissions of coal fĂ­red boilers are included. It is concluded that SO2 flue gas control systems should be applied which produce usable by-products. NOx emissions can be reduced to less than 300 ppm by combustion modiflcations. If even lower NOx emission standards are set much more expensive post-combustion flue-gas systems will be required.

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