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Kolengestookte ketelinstallaties.
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ECN Policy Studies 1981
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ESC-11 ECN publication
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This report discusses various types of coal-fired boilers such as stokerfired, pulverized-fired and fluidized-bed boilers. The state-of-the-art is described and of the different boilers comparisons are made with respect to capacity, investment costs required coal quality, operational characteristics, steam costs and environmental impacts. In addition, airpollution control equipment such as filters and flue-gas desulfurization systems, are discussed. The financial and teehnical feasibility of retrofitting exlsting gas and oil-fired boilers for coal-fĂ­ring or for the use of coal/oil mixtures is evaluated. Main conclusions are that in the case of obligatory flue-gas desulfurization the fluidized-bed boiler will be the preferable choice especially for the smaller units, although reliability on a commercial scale remains to be demonstrated and that investments in retrofitting existing gas- and oil-fired boilers is not justified in most cases.

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