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Strategies and instruments to promote energy efficiency indeveloping countries: project working paper 1: industrial energydemand and CO2 emissions in developing countries in globalperspective
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ECN Policy Studies 1995
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ECN-C--94-112 ECN publication
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The title project makes a preliminary assessment of major implemented andongoing policy initiatives to improve industrial energy efficiency in the developing world. In addition, it sets out to identify possibilities for transfer of appropriate technology from OECD member states to enhance energy efficiency and environmental performance of manufacturing industries in the developing world. In this working paper projections are presented of global energy trends and related emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2 up to the year 2020. The purpose of this paper is to provide indications of the importance of the manufacturing sector in developing countries to global issues on the energy-environment interface. Therefore, special attention is paid to prospects for the contribution of the manufacturing sector in developing countries to global energy demand and CO2 emissions. The projections presented clearly bring out that the developing countries constitute an increasingly important factor underlying global energy demand (total and industrial) and consequential greenhouse gas emissions.

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