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Energy and the public: phase 2: public communication in energyissues: psychological evaluation models
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ECN Policy Studies 1995
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ECN-C--95-069 ECN publication
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Communication efforts are undertaken under the aegis of nationaladministration in most of the cases. Increasingly, utilities are involved in communication with the wider public. In any case the function of communication should be made explicit for the target group as well as for the communicator himself. The relation between target group and communicator can be characterized by four fundamental approaches: technical, market, juridical and participation approaches. The objectives of the communication should be defined in terms of psychological impact on the receivers. Next, a division has to be made in impacting on beliefs, attitudes and behaviour, which are to be separated qualitatively. In very few cases evaluation is an integrative part of the communication effort. This prevents a pre-test - post-test evaluation of impact of a communication campaign. The effects of communication strategies is often overestimated, especially when objectives remained unclear and when evaluation is not integrated in the strategy. 1 fig., 2 tabs., 2 appendices, 18 refs.

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