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Analyse meetresultaten PV-woningen te Heerhugowaard: periode1994
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ECN 1995
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ECN-C--95-116 ECN publication
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Data from measurements, carried out in 1994, on 4 roof-integratedgrid-connected photovoltaic systems of 4 single-family dwellings in Heerhugowaard, Netherlands, are presented. The yield factors vary from 0.60 to 0.75. The energetic conversion efficiency of the SMA inverters is circa 83% and the energetic conversion efficiency of the so-called Victron inverters is circa 91%. Also, attention is paid to the different performances of the three configurations of the installation: SMA inverters in cascade, SMA inverters parallel, and Victron inverters in stand-alone operation. The Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT) of the SMA inverters appear to be very sensitive for varying radiations and super-sensitive for high ambient temperatures of the inverter. Also, the DC-efficiency of the systems with Victron inverters is not efficient within the radiation area of 50-300 W/m2. 1 figs., 7 tabs., 7 refs., appendices

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