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PHATAS-III output processing tools: Program for Horizontal Axis windTurbine Analysis and Simulation version III
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ECN 1996
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ECN-C--96-076 ECN publication
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The computer program PHATAS (Program for Horizontal Axis wind TurbineAnalysis and Simulation), is developed for the calculation of the dynamic behaviour and the corresponding loads on a Horizontal Axis wind Turbine (HAT) in time domain. This document is published as addendum to the PHATAS-III User's Manual' and includes a description of all post processing tools that are provided with PHATAS-III. Some of these tools will also be used with the driver for wind turbine design tools PROGSEQ. Next to the conventional tools for selection of output properties from PHATAS, the output processing tools include: a tool for selection of the annual energy production from the design spectrum which is considered as a set of dynamic load time series; an option of the postprocessor to find the maximum, minimum and average values from any output property of a PHATAS calculation; a tool for the extreme blade loads selected from a set of blades or all the blades for the design spectrum; and a tool for rotor-azimuth bin analysis of any output property. This tool can be used for the analysis of any file that contains a table with subsequent values of the properties. The program PHATAS-III and its output processing tools are available for use on a SUN or a DEC ALPHA work station, operating under UNIX, and for use on a PC, operating under DOS. 9 refs.

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