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Leaching characteristics of vitrified AVR fly ashes
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ECN 1996
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ECN-C--96-095 ECN publication
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At 'Afval Verwerking Rijnmond' (AVR or Waste Processing Rijnmond) in theNetherlands solutions are sought for the environmentally acceptable and economically justified treatment of fly ashes from municipal solid waste incinerators and hazardous waste incinerators, collected in electrostatic precipitators of the AVR facilities. One of the solutions studied is the vitrification of fly ash to lead to a glassy product. For this purpose a European tender was called, in which vendors were invited to produce test material for evaluation on a sufficiently large scale to be able to judge a full scale operation. Kvaerner in Norway was selected to carry out a test run on sample materials, supplied by AVR companies. For the testing of vitrified material, prepared in the cooperation between AVR and Kvaerner, ECN Soil and Waste Research was invited by AVR. A series of vitrification runs was identified and after preliminary discussions a testing program was agreed upon. Results are presented. 25 figs., 5 tabs., 13 appendices, 14 refs.

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