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Technische-economische en maatschappelijke robuustheid van CO2-reductietechnieken: een analyse van het draagvlak voor nieuwetechnieken op het gebied van CO2-verwijdering en CO2-reductie
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ECN Policy Studies 1996
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ECN-I--96-023 ECN publication
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There are several options to reduce CO2-emissions of electricitygeneration. However, these options have different techno-economic characteristics, e.g. technical potential, development stage and cost. They also have a different social basis, which is defined by the presence or absence of a complete network of 'actors' with an equal view on the perspective of the technology of interest. Options which have been analysed are CO2 separation at coal-fired power stations, CO2 disposal in depleted gas reservoirs, CO2 sequestration by afforestation, and use of biomass for production of engine fuels or electricity generation. 8 tabs., 47 refs.

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