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Progress report 1996 on fusion technology tasks
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ECN-C--97-014 ECN publication
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Research activities which have been performed at the Netherlands EnergyResearch Foundation within the framework of the European Fusion Technology Programme in the period 1 January 1996 - 31 December 1996. are described. The work is organized in research and development contracts for the next step NET/ITER (Next European Torus/International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) technology and the long-term programme, including the European Blanket project (EBP), and in NET contracts. The topics concern experimental activities on irradiation damage in austenitic stainless steels, reduced activation of ferritic-martensitic stainless steels, weldments and reweldability, low-activation vanadium alloys, development and irradiation of ceramic breeder materials. A feasibility study on in-pile tests of blanket submodules for the EBP has started. Non-experimental activities concern the material properties handbook, nuclear data files and structural analysis of ITER magnets. 50 figs., 7 tabs., 18 refs.

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