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Een vergelijking van drie opties voor decommissioning van een kerncentrale
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ECN-C--97-016 ECN publication
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One of the two nuclear power plants in the Netherlands will bedismantled. The following three options are compared: (1) fast and complete dismantlement (duration 10 years); (2) postponed complete dismantlement (duration circa 50 years); and (3) in-situ dismantlement (partial dismantlement in combination with shielding, isolation and coverage of the pressure vessel and biological shield). All three options must result in a so-called 'green meadow', where nothing (except option 3) reminds of the reactor and which area can be used for every activity. A large number of the final conditions show no preference for one of the options. Most of the final conditions by means of which the options can be distinguished concern medium-term and long-term uncertainties (e.g. costs and future standards with respect to radiological consequences of the release of radioactive waste materials). The uncertainties are the lowest in case of option 1. 4 figs., 8 tabs., 3 appendices

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