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Het project 'Dynamic stall and 3D effects': een samenvatting
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ECN 1997
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ECN-C--97-034 ECN publication
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During the years 1994-1996, ECN has been involved in the title project.The main goal of this project was to reach a validated engineering method for the prediction of aerodynamic force coefficients on rotor blade sections, under dynamic stall conditions. This goal was to be attained through a three-pronged approach: (1) analysis of existing measurements and definition and execution of additional measurements; (2) application of flow field solving computer programmes as a means of separating different effects; (3) development, testing and validation of so called 'engineering methods', in the form of (systems of) ordinary differential equations that can be implemented in aero-elastic response programmes. Within this project, a large number of reports was produced. The purpose of the present report is to give a critical resume of these and to indicate what specific information can be found in the different publications

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