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An attractive option for CO2 control in IGCC systems: water gas shift with integrated H2/CO2 separation (WIHYS) process: phase 1: proof of principle
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ECN 1-12-1997
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ECN-C--97-097 ECN publication
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A novel reactor concept, the water gas-membrane reactor (WGS-MR) for CO2removal in IGCC systems has been investigated. In order to establish full insight in the possibilities of the application of such a reactor. A multi-disciplinary feasibility study has been carried out comprising system integration studies, catalyst research and development, membrane research and development, membrane reactor modelling and bench scale membrane reactor experiments. The application of the WGS-MR concept in IGCC systems is an attractive future option for CO2 removal as compared to conventional options. The net efficiency of the IGCC process with integrated WGS-MR is 42.8% (LEV) with 80% CO2 recovery based on coal input. This efficiency has to be compared with 46.7% (LHV) of an IGCC without CO2 recovery, based upon the same components and with 40.5% (LHV) of an IGCC with conventional CO2 removal. Moreover, an economic analysis indicates favourable investment and operational costs. The development of the process is considered to be technically feasible. However, it became clear that the technology of inorganic high selective gas separation membrane manufacturing and high temperature ceramic materials engineering are not yet mature and that further development in this area remains necessary. 40 refs.

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