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Pressured entrained flow gasification simulator: design, construction and commissioning: executive summary
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ECN 1-8-1998
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ECN-C--98-061 ECN publication
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To support and ensure a successful introduction of entrained-flowgasification based technologies in general, and a successful operation of the world's first fully Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) demonstration plant in Buggenum, Netherlands (Dernkolec plant, 253 MWe) in particular, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Netherlands Agency for Energy and the Environment (Novem) decided to initiate an extensive research programme. The knowledge base on coal conversion, mineral matter behaviour and trace element emissions in entrained-flow gasification systems should be advanced through research using adequate, representative lab-scale test facilities. Starting from existing experimental expertise on combustion and mineral matter transformation phenomena occurring in pulverised coal fired boilers, ECN was asked to develop these lab-scale test facilities. In the present report, the design, construction and commissioning of one of these facilities, the Pressurised Entrained-Flow Gasification simulator (PEFG-simulator), are described. The main design considerations for this facility have been based on an analysis of possible problem areas to be expected during operation of entrained-flow gasifiers. It is concluded that many possible problems are related to the fate of the mineral constituents in the coal, e.g. (1) problems with building up the slag layer and removing the slag, (2) high/low-temperature fouling and (3) filter blinding and problematic flyslag handling. In that case, as it is known from studies under pulverised fuel (pf-)combustion conditions, an accurate simulation of full-scale conditions in terms of initial particle heating rates and particle temperatures, and temperature and gaseous environment, histories is crucial. Therefore, it was decided not to use the isothermal drop tube or entrained-flow reactor concepts with their limited heating rates and relatively low initial particle temperatures. Instead, the concept of an entrained-flow reactor with an Integrated, prernixed and multi-stage flat flame gas burner, as applied in the earlier combustion studies, was selected. By feeding different gas mixtures to the different stages, the gas burner can be used to simulate the high initial heating rates and temperatures, and the gaseous environment history that the particles experience In an actual entrained-flow gasifier. In addition, multiple heating sections can be used to simulate the particle temperature history. This concept has been translated into a detailed design and the facility has been constructed. The subsequent commissioning of the facility revealed the necessity of several technical adjustments and a reconsideration of the safety philosophy. However, no major problems were encountered, which would threaten the applicability of the concept. After implementing the technical adjustments and adopting improved safety procedures, the PEFG-simulator has passed the final commissioning stage. This means that a unique experimental facility is available now for lab-scale research towards an improved understanding of coal conversion phenomena in entrained-flow gasification (and pressurised combustion) processes. 11 refs.

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