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Wind energy in Kazakhstan: pt. 2: pilot project in Akmola Oblast
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ECN Solar Energy 1-12-1998
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ECN-C--98-100 ECN publication
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A description is given of three proposed pilot projects for wind energyin the Akmola Oblast in Kazakhstan. The objective of the projects is to demonstrate the technical feasibility for wind power under Kazakhstan circumstances and to serve as an example for future implementation of wind energy in Kazakhstan. The first project is a 50 kW wind turbine for the village of Kagimukhan near Astana. The wind turbine would be connected to the existing grid and would be owned and operated by the company responsible for the technical management of the village. The second project consists of two 50 kW wind turbines producing power for the water supply system of the town of Shortandy (70 km North of Astana). The third project is a 5 MW farm to supply the electric power of the city of Jermentau (130 km East from Astana). The report describes the main elements of the proposed projects (pre-feasibility study): the approach and partners involved, the energy demand and wind energy supply, the proposed wind energy system, the exploitation, operation and maintenance aspects, the project development cost analysis, the electric utility interconnection aspects, the financial analysis and legal and environmental issues

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