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Wind energy in Kazakhstan: pt. 1: market development study
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ECN Policy Studies 1-12-1999
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ECN-C--98-099 ECN publication
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Results of the exploration of the possibilities for wind energy in Kazakhstan are presented, with a special emphasis on the region of the Akmola Oblast and the new capital Astana. The position of wind power within the Kazakh economy and energy sector has been evaluated. The key characteristics of the electric power sector as relevant for integration of wind power are described: power production, transmission and distribution, power consumption, electricity costs and tariffs. The wind resources have been evaluated, both on the national level and in the region of Akmola, based on existing data from meteorological stations. The potential for the region of Akmola has been quantified. By installing 175 MW wind power, it would be possible to cover 10% of the power demand in the near future. Furthermore there is a large scope for small scale applications in remote villages, mainly for agricultural purposes. Three pilot projects have been defined and described: a 50 kW wind turbine for an agricultural village, a 100 kW system for a water pumping station and a 5 MW wind farm for a medium size town. A pre-feasibility analysis has been made for these 3 projects, and the results are summarised in the report. The industrial opportunities for wind power have been briefly assessed by looking into the involvement of the Kazakh industry in wind energy technology manufacturing, and the immediate possibilities of local manufacturing parts of the proposed technology for the pilot projects. Finally, suggested guidelines for a successful market development for wind power in Kazakhstan are given. For the Akmola Oblast a phased approach is proposed: it is suggested to build the pilot projects as soon as possible and to develop a plan to install 175 MW in the future

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