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De 'grijze' bijdragen aan StatLine : synthese van CBS-data en ECN-kennis met betrekking tot omzetting en verbruik van energie
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ECN Policy Studies 1-7-2000
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ECN-C--00-017 ECN publication
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In the period 1990-1999 the Dutch database NEEDIS (National Energy andEfficiency Data Information System) was set up and maintained. The purpose of NEEDIS was to compile and maintain a consistent framework in the field of energy consumption and energy conservation. The title system is developed and maintained by ECN Policy Studies. In the NEEDIS database a large amount of energy consumption data on different aggregation levels (i.e. type of energy carrier, consuming sector, energy function and type of installation) has been inputted. Based on energy consumption the main groups are determined and described in more detail with regard to the production processes, the size of the companies involved and its economic parameters as value added and turnover. Data are presented on the specific energy consumption for the most important (energy consuming) processes and ways to improve energy conservation outlined. During the project a direct link has been established between the presentation of energy data on the internet-site StatLine of Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and the corresponding, so called 'grey data', from the EDN (Energy Databank Netherlands) internet-site of ECN. These data concern more detailed items on energy use, production, building specifications, etc. In this report an overview is given of the available 'grey data' on the ECN-site. Special attention is paid to the energy use of buildings. 70 refs.

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