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Effectiviteit energiepremies : analyse voor het huishoudelijk verbruik tot 2010
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ECN Policy Studies 1-5-2000
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ECN-C--00-062 ECN publication
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Starting January 2000, energy saving in households is stimulated througha national system of subsidies on more efficient appliances and dwelling measures. The voluntary Energy Performance Advice (EPA) for dwellings built before 1998, will be subsidised as well, if at least one of measures on the list is applied. The Ministry of Finance requested ECN to investigate the effectiveness of this regulation in the period until 2010. The investigation is carried out on the basis of model calculations, complemented with the results of a literature study and interviews with representatives of several energy-related institutes and organizations in the Netherlands. The reference case is an adapted version of the Global Competition scenario, which has been used for the Dutch White Paper on Energy Conservation. On the basis of this scenario, two alternatives are presented: one with minimal impact and one with maximal impact of the subsidy system on the penetration of saving options. In the minimum case only the effect of the bonuses on cost-benefit ratios of investments is taken into account. In the maximum case it is assumed that the bonus system influences the way decisions are made and a given cost-benefit ratio now results in a higher penetration rate for a saving option. The results indicate that the system of financial incentives is not very effective in terms of reduction of CO2-emissions per guilder of subsidy allowed. One reason for this is the high number of free riders, sometimes more than two-thirds of the total number of subsidies. This is only partially problematic, because the system is also meant as a refund of the regulatory energy tax. Therefore the list of measures is broader than would be advisable from the perspective of energy efficiency only. External factors that influence the effectiveness are the labelling system, which can only be tightened in an European context, and the functioning of the recently introduced Energy Performance Advice. To maintain or increase the present level of effectiveness of the grant system a regular update of the list of options is needed. 27 refs.

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