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GASREIP: GASREIniging en Prime mover design: fase A: realisatie en beproeving van een basisconfiguratie ten behoeve van biomassa warmte-kracht koppeling
Dinkelbach, L.; Meijden, C.M. van der; Brenneisen, L.M.; Strating, S.D.; Geleijn, M.; Wubbe, R.
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ECN 1-8-2000
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ECN-C--00-084 ECN publication
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The overall objective of the project GASREIP is to develop anddemonstrate apparatuses and concepts for the cleaning and application of producer gas from biomass gasification. In phase A, a bench-scale test facility was designed, built and tested consisting of two biomass gasifiers (250 kW downdraft fixed bed and 500 kW circulating fluidised bed), cooler, scrubber, sawdust filter, booster, buffer tank and gas engine as well as return pipes to the flares of the two gasifiers. A test programme was carried out to determine the technical performance of the different apparatuses. The entire facility turned out to be suitable for test of several tens of hours. For longer test periods, the installation will have to be equipped with a removal system for dust and tar to avoid their accumulation in the gas cleaning section. Gas cleaning efficiency (removal of tar, dust and NH3) is sufficient for application of the producer gas in boilers. Tar removal is insufficient for long-duration application of the gas in engines. However, a short test (six hours of continuous operation) of the configuration downdraft gasifier, gas cleaning and gas engine was carried out successfully. The engine was operated without major problems. Future activities making use of the test facility will have to focus on more efficient tar removal to allow other gas applications (e.g. motor downstream the cfb gasifier, gas turbines, combined cycles, methane or Fischer-Tropsch reactor), regular/continuous removal of tar and dust from the gas cleaning section to avoid accumulation and hence to enable long duration tests, and modification of the gas engine to achieve a higher capacity, a higher efficiency and lower emissions. 12 refs.

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