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PHATAS-IV user's manual : Program for Horizontal Axis wind Turbine Analysis and Simulation, version IV
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ECN Wind Energy 1-6-2000
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ECN-C--99-093 ECN publication
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The computer program PHATAS, 'Program for Horizontal Axis wind TurbineAnalysis and Simulation', is developed for the calculation of the dynamic behaviour and the corresponding loads on a Horizontal Axis wind Turbine, ( HAT), in time domain. The program PHATAS-IV is available for use on a DEC Alpha work station operating under UNIX and for use on a PC operating under Windows-95/-NT. The most significant improvements of PHATAS-IV compared to the former version PHATAS-III are a detailed structural dynamic model for the tower including wave loading such as occurs on offshore structures and the implementation of an improved model for oblique inflow for which the aerodynamic model is revised. The programs PHATAS-IV and PHATAS-III are a further development of the PHATAS-II computer program. The PHATAS programs are developed at ECN Wind Energy of the Netherlands Energy Research Foundation, Petten. This document is written to serve as a user's guide and also as a manual for PHATAS by structuring the topics and providing an index. In this manual 'PHATAS' refers to release 'DEC-1999' of PHATAS-IV. If models are used that are not fully tested, a warning is issued while a message is written in each of the output files. This manual also contains descriptions of input properties that are likely to be implemented in a following version or beta-release. Parts in the manual related to properties that they are not (yet) active are indicated with a bar in the margin. 22 refs.

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