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Lokaal Klimaatbeleid in Alkmaar; beleidsanalyse van A tot Z
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ECN Policy Studies 1-12-2001
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ECN-C--01-103 ECN publication
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This report describes the results of the final phase of a research projectabout local climate pol-icy. An ideal model of a climate management system was tested by practise for the municipality of Alkmaar. In this case study ECN analysed numerous policy documents as well as the process of building a new soccer stadium. We looked if the municipal organisation passed through all the steps of this climate management system and if it used any mechanisms through which the external integration of climate policy in policies other than environmental policy fields could be enhanced. The report shows that though the model was not running effectively in Alkmaar, the municipal organisation still managed to partly integrate climate policy in non-environment policy areas. For the major part this can be contributed to enthusiastic and hard-working sustainability co-ordinators. Had the systematic approach been in place, the municipality would clearly be more accurate in its network policy steering which proved necessary to realise the new soccer stadium.

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