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Retrofit & architectural integration of pv modules in façade and roof of an office & laboratory building, Petten: Thermie-project SE/000115/97/NL/DK
Kaan, H.F.; Rijenga, T.H.
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ECN Energy in the Built Environment 1-4-2002
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ECN-C--02-039 ECN publication
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Photovoltaics (PV) should not only be valued as a promising buildingtechnology but also as a new challenge for architectural expression. This has been demonstrated with the renovation of a laboratory building in the Netherlands, constructed in 1963, To achieve a 75% energy saving on building related energy consumption (i.e. heating, cooling, ventilation and electricity use for building operation), the building has been equipped with a PV integrated sunshade system on its south façade and roof, while a PV awning has been used for the zone between façade and roof. The façade is covered with 546 PV modules; the awning has 156 modules and the roof 456 modules. The total output of the system is 72 kWp. In total, approximately 620 m2 of PV has been installed, thus saving over 90% of building related electricity consumption (lighting, ventilation, elevators) and over 30% of the total electricity consumption in the building. The project was supported by the EU Thermie programme and by the Dutch Novem NOZ-PV programme. The PV project is a collaboration of the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands ECN, the Dutch utility NUON (former ENW), BEAR Architects of the Netherlands, the Italian architects office Officine di Archittetura di Cinzia Abbate, and the Danish manufacturer of sunshade systems Dasolas. The PV system wil1 be monitored in detail until at least August 2003. 'Real time' measuring results can be found at http://www.ecntsc/pvdaq4.

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