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Ontwerp Traffic Decision Support System : Eindrapportage en handleiding voor de TDSS-demo
Domburg, P.; Wilde, H.P.J. de; Tillemans, F.W.A.; Zee, S.C. van der; Weijers, E.P.; Wijnen, J.H. van; Feld, J.; Siderius, P.
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ECN 1-1-2004
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ECN-C--04-002 ECN publication
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Recent decades have shown a large increase in road traffic, which especially affects the air quality in inner cities. An important air quality parameter related to road traffic is fine dust or PM10. Epidemiological studies have shown causal relationships between the concentration of PM10 and public health (especially hart and lung diseases). Introduction of cleaner forms of transport will help to reduce levels of PM10 and so help to improve public health. One way local governments in the Netherlands can introduce the use of cleaner transport is by stimulating use of new techniques for public transport and in particular transport by bus.

This report presents the results of a joined project of ECN, GG&GD Amsterdam (Municipal Health Service Amsterdam) and IVV (the Department of infrastructure, traffic and transport of the city of Amsterdam) aimed at the development of a Traffic Decision Support System (TDSS). TDSS is an instrument to assist local councils in the choice of cleaner techniques for transport by bus. It enables evaluation of the environmental (air quality), epidemiological (public health) and financial (investments in technology versus savings related to improved health) impacts of a specified scenario in comparison with the current situation.

A prototype of TDSS has been developed and tested with four case studies, also presented in this report.

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