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Het EZ-beleid ter bevordering van een duurzame energiehuishouding
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ECN Policy Studies 1-7-2005
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ECN-C--05-068 ECN publication
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The Ministry of Economic Affairs has commissioned ECN to evaluate the sustainable energy policy in the period 1999-2004. This encompasses renewable energy, energy efficiency, CO2 reduction plan and Research, Development and Demonstration. Objective of the evaluation is to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the sustainable energy policy in the period 1999-2004, and to see which lessons can be learnt from the experiences.

A general overview of the elements of sustainable energy policy and their relations is provided. A reconstruction of the policy framework that has been put into place has been made for each policy element. This consists of a description of the goals, policy instrument mix, responsibili-ties and monitoring systems. For each policy element, the results achieved are compared with the objectives. Also, estimations have been made as to how much of the effect can be attributed to the policy put into place. Finally, side effects have been estimated, such as emissions of NOx, SO2 and particulate matter. The efficiency of the policy has been calculated by comparing the expenses with the policy effects. This has been carried out on a policy instrument basis (subsidy effectiveness) and on national level (national cost effectiveness and final consumer effective-ness).

Additional policy aspects discussed are security of supply, international cooperation, zero emis-sions fossil fuel technology, administrative costs and macro-economic effects.

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