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VLW versie 2.70: Korte beschrijving van meest recente versie van het verkeersmodel VLW
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ECN Biomass, Coal and Environmental Research 12-12-2006
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ECN-E--06-050 ECN publication
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The VLW highway gaussian line-source dispersion model has been developed for diagnostic and prognostic calculations of the influence of high-way road traffic on air pollution. Recent developments in the air pollution law for The Netherlands lead to the adaptation of the model in order to comply with the legal procedure for calculation and measurement of air pollution due to stationary and non-stationary sources. In this report the current adapted version of the VLW model is described. Compared to previous versions the adaptations have a relatively large influence, lowering the calculated concentrations at high surface roughness. For surface roughness smaller than 1.0 meter the modifications have rather small impacts.

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