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Morphological study of aeroelastic control concepts for wind turbines, STABCON Task-7 report
Engelen, T.G. van; Markou, H.; Buhl, T.; Marrant, B.
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ECN Wind Energy 8-5-2007
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ECN-E--06-056 ECN publication
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A study of aeroelastic control concepts is performed as part of Task 1 of Work Package 5 of the STABCON project. The study resulted in rated control concepts taking into account the constraints imposed by the control equipment for 3-bladed variable speed wind turbines with pitch to vane control. The control concepts were realised in simulation via preliminary controller designs. Their potential appeared to be sufficiently high for further analysis in this Work Package with advanced aeroelastic stability and non-linear simulation tools. The demands on the actuators are expected to be rather high but still realistic in all conditions. The control loops pertain to regulation of the rotor speed, to elimination of the 1p-component in the blade flap loads, and to enhanced damping of the first mode of tower bending and drive-train torsion. Linear scalar control design techniques were applied on a transformed simplified linear wind turbine model; the transformation maps all signals attached to the blades to a fixed frame of reference. Preliminary results of more innovative control concepts are included. This concerns flow based individual pitch control and the use of variable trailing edge airfoils. In addition, actuation concepts that are very innovative for wind turbine control are discussed and a survey of underlying so called smart materials is included.

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