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Methodology to assess stakeholder requirements and interests. The GAPS analysis, deliverable 4.2
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ECN Policy Studies 25-7-2007
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ECN-E--06-066 ECN publication
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This report describes the methodology that has been developed by ECN to assess stakeholder requirements for and interest in large scale demonstration projects and early markets for hydrogen in the transport sector. The methodology has been validated by applying it as test case in the Netherlands. To do so interviews have been conducted with several stakeholders. National governments are seen as key stakeholders in the development and deployment of hydrogen technologies. An analysis of national governments will give insight in the possibilities they have to support hydrogen technologies. In this report the Dutch national government has been analysed regarding purchasing of governmental vehicles and procurement of public (bus) transport. Based on the results recommendations are drawn for further steps in analysing the requirements and interest of stakeholder on a European level.

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