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Constant speed wind farm dynamic model validation. Alsvik measurements and simulations.
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ECN Wind Energy 22-1-2007
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ECN-E--07-007 ECN publication
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In this report the Constant Speed Stall (CSS) wind farm dynamic model of the Erao-2 project is validated. Simulation results are compared to measurements of the Alsvik wind farm, located on the island of Gotland. Three types of measurements have been used: 62.5 Hz mechanical and electrical measurements, 256 Hz electrical measurements under normal operation and 256 Hz electrical measurements during a dip in the grid voltage. For the first two sets the Auto Power Spectral Density functions (APSDs) of measurement and simulation have been compared. For the voltage dip, the time series of the phase current, active and reactive power are compared simulations. The validation of the model of the Alsvik wind farm showed that: • the frequency response results of the electrical variables are good if the measured voltage is used as input instead of using a grid model; • the frequency response results of mechanical variables are less good, which may partly be caused by variation of the grid voltage, which could not be used as input because it was not measured; • the results for the voltage dip were quite good, with some mismatch in the damping. The use of a closed loop measurement, viz. the measured voltage, as input for the simulations is discussed. It is demonstrated that this introduces an error but also that the error is small for the Alsvik case. This report is the second of a set of three reports that documents the results of the project "Verificatie dynamische modellen van windparken (Erao-3)". The other two reports are entitled: • Validation of dynamic models of wind farms (Erao-3): Executive summay, benchmark results and model improvements [6]; • Variable SpeedWind Turbine Dynamic Model Validation: JWT measurements and simulations [7].

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