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Twee weken meten aan de luchtkwaliteit in ‘s-Hertogenbosch
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ECN Biomass, Coal and Environmental Research 3-4-2007
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ECN-E--07-031 ECN publication
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Air quality measurements in the city centre of ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch) were carried out in a short measurement campaign in February-March 2006. Aim of the project was to assess if the NOx and PM levels estimated for the city using the data from remote locations that are part of the National monitoring network “Landelijk Meetnet Luchtkwaliteit” (LML) are meaningful. Furthermore the municipality aimed to get a first impression of the NOx and PM levels at the monitoring locations. The NOx measurements took place on a balcony in a street canyon “Brugstraat” for which air quality models run by the municipality showed a clear accidence of the annual threshold level for NOx. The measurements showed that concentrations during the measurement episode were about 3-5 times above the regional background levels and comparable to those observed at other street monitoring stations that are part LML. This suggests that the “Brugstraat” location is indeed likely to have an annual accidence. The measurement data available from this project cannot be used to quantify this annual level. Particulate matter measurements were carried out on a city-background location “Claraklooster” a garden in a former monastery the medieval city centre. The time series of these measurements showed a 26% contribution of sources inside or close to Den Bosch. The chemical composition of PM10 was evaluated with four 24-hour samples. These data showed a composition that was expected for the Netherlands without a remarkable effect of a local source.

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