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Effectiviteit van emissiereducerende maatregelen rondom veehouderijbedrijven
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ECN Biomass, Coal and Environmental Research 8-11-2007
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ECN-E--07-089 ECN publication
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In this report a survey is made of the cost effectiveness of measures with the goal to reduce emissions of fine dust from livestock production. These measures have all their advantages and disadvantages. This report mainly focuses on the reduction of particulate matter. The other envi-ronmental problems in agriculture as ammonia and odour can be combined with these measures. Different measures are compared for cost effectiveness in Euro per kg PM10 reduction and also reduction percentage. Oil sprinkling and electrostatic filter systems appear as cost effective where also the air quality in the stable is improved. These techniques can be combined with end-of-pipe techniques like air scrubbers or even better combined scrubbers to reduce also other emissions as ammonia and odour. Many techniques are still in a phase of research, therefore es-timations are made most of the times. More has to be measured to be more certain about the re-duction percentages. Besides this more issues like practical feasibility and animal welfare has to taken into account with every measure.

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