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Factors influencing the societal acceptance of new energy technologies: Meta-analysis of recent European projects
Heiskanen, E.; Hodson, M.; Mourik, R.; Raven, R.P.J.M.; Feenstra, C.F.J.; Alcantud Torrent, A.; Brohmann, B.; Daniels, A.; Difiore, M.; Farkas, B.; Fritsche, U.R.; Fucskó, J.; Jolivet, E.; Maack, M.H.; Matschoss, K.; Oniszk-Poplawska, A.; Poti, B.M.; Prasad, G.; Willemse, R.; Schaefer, B.; Hünecke, K.
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ECN Policy Studies 15-5-2008
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ECN-E--07-058 ECN publication
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Within this report an analysis is made of 27 case studies of historical and recent new energy technologies in different European regions and South Africa. The analysis focuses on the societal acceptance in these projects in order to identify determinants of success and failure. A wide diversity of technologies is discussed including hydrogen, CO2 capture and storage, biomass, solar and wind energy technologies.

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