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Wind Farm as Power Plant: Dynamic modelling studies
Pierik, J.T.G.; Bauer, P.; Zhou, Y.
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ECN Wind Energy 28-5-2008
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ECN-E--08-017 ECN publication
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In the Wind farm as Power plant project (WaP) a library of four offshore wind farm dynamic models is extended with nine new models. The models can be used to investigate dynamic behaviour of wind farms, develop wind farm control strategies and determine the dynamic effects of wind farms on the grid. This report describes the nine new wind farm models and three new wind turbine and wind farm controllers. One of the new farm models is connected to shore by a thyristor bridge. Six models for the thyristor bridge have been developed and are described. The new wind farm models are demonstrated in a case study on flicker, voltage and frequency dip. For one particular case, the DFIG-ac system, control during an asymmetrical dip is developed and described. The project is completed by an aggregate wind farm model and a model for the wind speed deficit and turbulence in the farm.

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