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SDE Wind op land met vollasturen en differentiatie
Cleijne, J.W.; Lensink, S.M.; Faasen, C.J.
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ECN Policy Studies 5-1-2010
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ECN-E--10-001 ECN publication
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The Ministry of Economic Affairs has asked ECN/KEMA to consider whether support for wind energy at inland locations is necessary to reach the governmental aim of in total 4000 MW wind onshore (committed or in production) before 2012. The aim implies that still 1508 MW is to be committed before 2012.

Based on an inventory of projects that are in the licensing procedure, the capacity that can be committed before 2012 ranges between 1177 MW (realistic estimation) and 1737 MW (maximum). Of this 1737 MW, about 170 MW is located in areas that are not profitable with the current SDE feed-in premium. This report finds that it is not likely that differentiation of feed-in premiums will make the 2012 governmental aims for onshore wind more attainable.

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