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Haalbaarheidsstudie naar het gebruik van de Hytruck in het Overijssel Waterstof initiatief
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ECN Hydrogen and Clean Fossil Fuels 13-10-2010
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ECN-E--10-024 ECN publication
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This report presents the techno-economic analysis of the application of the Hytruck lorry with the hydrogen demonstration project of the province of Overijssel in The Netherlands. The Hytruck is fueled by hydrogen which is fed into a fuel cell which generates electricity. This electricity is then used for propulsion of the lorry by means of 2 in-wheel electromotors. Besides the fuel cell, the lorry also carries a battery-pack for energy-buffering and storage of breaking-energy. As the truck has not been operational on a day-to-day basis yet, little is know about real-life fuel consumption, maintenance-costs and wear of the truck. As a reality-check of assumptions made in this project, lessons learned from similar technology introductions are used as a benchmark. After a general introduction into the technical and cost aspects of the truck, the analysis in this report further focuses on the specific application of the truck by local transport-enterprises in the province of Overijssel. Following the example case as proposed by Oegema Transport, Dedemsvaart – The Netherlands, the operation of the Hytruck lorry is compared to the operation of a conventional lorry in the same situation. The study reveals, that the costs of the operation of the Hytruck in the example case are considerably higher than the costs of operation of a conventional lorry. This is hardly surprising, since the Hytruck has not profited from any scale effects and learning effects in materials and methods applied in construction. The operational costs therefore are not really seen as a direct go/no go argument, but as an indication of how much money would be necessary for the project. Cost of operation of the hytruck lorry in the example case vary between €1,90 and €2,33. Costs of operation of a conventional lorry within the test case would cost around €0,93 to €1,07. This report intends to form a basis for further decision-making regarding the operation of the Hytruck lorry as a hydrogen fuel vehicle in the Overijssel Hydrogen Demonstration project. The estimated extra costs will be used as an indication for further estimation of required financing of the project.

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