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A zero-carbon European power system in 2050: proposals for a policy package
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ECN Policy Studies 12-4-2010
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ECN-E--10-041 ECN publication
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This ECN Working Document is part of the larger project Roadmap 2050, organised and financed by the European Climate Foundation. The project basically consists of three parts: analysis, policy advice, and outreach. This policy advice is based upon the findings of a fundamental scenario analysis by ECF on how a zero-carbon power system can be attained and which implications this has for the transmission grid, balancing and other aspects of security of supply (ECF Volume 1). The ECF analysis focused on the power sector. Two main items that should frame the agenda of the coming years have been identified, of which the second one can be broken down into five more specific items.

  1. Drive faster investment in cost-effective measures to reach 20% end-use efficiency improvement by 2020; continue efficiency gains beyond 2020.
  2. Start a transition towards a nearly full decarbonised power sector in the next five years, by:
    1. A timely retirement of existing high-carbon resources.
    2. Commercialization and deployment of critical low-carbon technologies.
    3. The creation of a durable business case for investment in low-carbon resources needed to meet demand growth and to replace planned retirements.
    4. A timely delivery of the required expansion in inter-regional power transfer capability.
    5. The creation of a business case for appropriate load management and smart grid investments.

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