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EU-beleid voor CO2-emissiereductie in transport en de invloed op de Nederlandse brandstofmarkt en luchtkwaliteit
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ECN Policy Studies 25-8-2010
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ECN-E--10-047 ECN publication
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This report describes the impact of the EU policies for CO2 emission reduction in transport and their impact on the market for road fuels and the air quality in the Netherlands towards 2020. The two recently adapted EU directives, the Fuel Quality Directive and the Renewable Energy Directive, force the suppliers of road fuels to reduce the well-to-wheel CO2 emissions of their fuels and to provide renewable transport fuels. This report provides an overview of the various options for fuel suppliers to meet the EU criteria, along with their costs, CO2 reduction and likelihood of implementation. The options include: first generation biofuels, second generation biofuels, electric vehicles, natural gas powered vehicles, green gas powered vehicles, and efficiency improvement in the refinery sector. On balance, it is likely that the combined targets of the EU directives will be met by a combination of all options with a relatively large share of biofuels.

None of the above options will have a substantial negative impact on the air quality in the Netherlands.

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