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Analyse Nederlandse klimaat- en energiedoelen 2020. Effecten op emissies en kosten
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ECN Policy Studies 3-8-2010
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ECN-E--10-048 ECN publication
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This report describes eight alternative ways to meet the Dutch Climate Target in 2020; a reduction of GHG emissions with 30% as compared to 1990/1995. Four variants are based on cost optimisation, and include varying sub targets with regard to energy saving and renewable energy, as well as varying constraints with regard to the deployment of foreign emission reductions. These variants are based on either Dutch or European targets. The other four variants represent outer bandwidth estimates for the effect of the Dutch policy programme Clean and Efficient, set against two backgrounds with regard to European policies and CO2-prices in the emission trading system.

In all cases, additional targets and constraints lead to substantially higher costs, and a larger deployment of domestic measures. In addition, effects on domestic emissions of air pollutants become larger. A comparison of the estimates for the Dutch policy programme with the various target based variants shows that the policy programme fails to meet the national targets, even under the most optimistic assumptions. However, the upper bandwidth of the effects comes close to both European target based variants, in terms of the total effects and the composition of the package of measures.

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