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Design of a European sustainable hydrogen model. Model structure and data sources
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ECN Policy Studies 10-8-2011
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ECN-E--11-041 ECN publication
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This report presents a modelling tool to evaluate the performance of presently proposed hydrogen technology chains, including the stages of production, infrastructure and end-use, in a range of future worlds. The employed modelling methodology allows for analysing the impact of different trajectories of global price and availability of fossil fuels and the impact of varying levels of ambition regarding climate change control. Moreover, it enables studying the hydrogen technology performance improvements required to compete with alternative technology chains involving fuels and electricity that do not use hydrogen as main energy carrier. The report summarises the challenges in exploring the perspective for hydrogen technology chains, and describes the essentials of the model tool that was chosen and further developed for this project, including relevant data specifications. Finally, It also discusses our implementation priorities and challenges for further development.

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