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Identification of variables for site calibration and power curve assessment in complex terrain (SiteParIden) : relative power curve measurements in complex terrain task 7
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ECN Wind Energy 1-11-2001
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ECN-C--01-102 ECN publication
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Within the framework of the EC co-funded project "Identification of Variables for the Site Calibration and Power Curve Assessment in Complex Terrain; SiteParIden?; JOR3-CT98-0257, tasks 6 & 7 have been carried out by ECN and DEWI. Both tasks concern the "Relative Power Curve Measurements in Flat (task 6) and Complex Terrain (task 7).The objective of the tasks 6 and 7 is: To verify whether the cup anemometers in natural conditions perform comparable or differently in the presence of different turbulence intensities and inclined flow, in flat and complex terrain. For this purpose similar experiments have been performed by ECN and DEWI to compare cup anemometer output in the free atmosphere. This comparison showed unexpected big differences in cup anemometer output. A reason for these differences lies in the way specific type of cup anemometers respond to turbulent wind, especially the sensitivity to vertical turbulence intensity. The activities both at ECN and DEWI came up with consistent results. It is recommended to work out correction possibilities for cup anemometers to this effect to establish that power performance measurement results from different locations are really comparable in the future.

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