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Uncertainties in Cup Anemometer Calibrations: Type A and Type B uncertainties
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Wind Energy 1-6-2005
ECN report number: Document type:
ECN-C--05-066 ECN publication
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ECNWind Energy is accredited according ISO 17025 to perform power performance measurements of wind turbines following IEC 61400-12 and Measnet. The typical results of these measurements are measured power curves of the wind turbines. These curves show the electrical power versus the wind speed. Part of the power performance analysis is the uncertainty analysis.

In power performance measurements according IEC 61400-12 or Measnet, the wind speed is measured using cup anemometers. The uncertainty of the wind speed measurements depends among others on the calibration uncertainty. The cup-anemometer calibration uncertainty is divided in Type A and Type B uncertainty. The Type A uncertainty is the statistical uncertainty of the wind speed measurement and can be calculated from the wind speed measurements. The Type B uncertainty includes all uncertainties tha

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