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IIGO: Intelligent Internet mediated control in the built environment: Description of a large-scale experiment in a utility building setting
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ECN Energy in the Built Environment 1-10-2005
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ECN-C--05-084 ECN publication
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Aninnovative strategy for managing the thermal comfort in utility buildings has been developed in the SMART-project. A pre-emptive, forward-looking strategy based optimisation using the intelligent agent metaphor is used, as it is available in the SEBOS-shell. The "SMART"-building software shell so far has only been tested in a very short experimental field test.

In this document, the preparatory activities to cast the building, in which a two-year experiment will take place, into the SMART-software shell are described. First, the construction and validation of a physical model of the building is discussed; then, the experimental data collected in an 8-month data-monitoring trajectory are treated and conclusions are drawn as to the performance of the building. Interesting findings are, that the central and local proportions of cooling and heating in individual rooms are not as expected from the design. The central heating and cooling system has the largest effect on realising the inner comfort. This leads to a smaller impact of user actions on the realised comfort than users might expect. This especially holds for the process of cooling in summer.

In the last part, the SMART-alterations in the strategy of building operation are discussed. These include introduction of a user voting procedure per room for obtaining a comfort preference profile over a day, the introduction of building model physical data and information of persistent signals in calculating the effect of control actions on the building and its segments on 24-hours and 4-hour timescales ahead and implementation of an improved strategy of shutting the window blinds to minimize heat-loss by radiation in winter. The document forms the basis for a rollout in a two-year practical experiment, the set-up of which is described.

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