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Chemical durability of stabilized materials
Published by: Publication date:
ECN 1995
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ECN-C--94-104 ECN publication
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In the framework of the activities of CUR commission D12 'Immobilisatie'the role of the chemical durability of stabilized materials in contact with the natural surrounding (soil or liners, atmosphere) was identified as an important aspect in relation to the release rate of contaminants to the environment. A project description was considered too premature in view of the limited amount of information on the magnitude of the effects. In this work the various effects in the waste-soil(liner) interaction are discussed and an estimate of the magnitude of effects on specific constituents or on constituents of concern is given. Aspects not addressed in current regulatory tests are changes in pH due to carbonation, changes in reducing properties of materials, the role of water transport or lack thereof, interface precipitation and interface sealing processes. Several of these factors may lead to order of magnitude differences in release, which implies that they become crucial for environmental impact control. In many cases, the materials can be managed such as to reduce the potential risk once the key controlling factors are sufficiently known. In the framework of this study the possibilities for international cooperation have been evaluated. Although this topic is discussed here in the context of immobilization, the phenomena addressed are equally relevant to conventional construction materials. The magnitude of the effects will, however, be larger in case of immobilized materials. 12 figs., 1 tab., 22 refs.

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