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Logistics and pretreatment of biomass fuels for gasification andcombustion: contribution to the Joule project: "Energy from biomass: an assessment of two promising systems for energy production"
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ECN 1995
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ECN-C--95-038 ECN publication
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Two aspects which are relevant for the conversion of biomass intoelectricity are discussed: the logistics of biomass supply, and the pretreatment of solid biomass fuels at the location of the conversion plant. The costs of logistic operations by truck, ship and train have been calculated for forest residues, wood waste from parks and gardens, demolition wood, sewage sludge and waste paper. The results show that, for the Netherlands, transport by truck is the cheapest option in all cases. A price range from 3.0 ECU/odt for sewage sludge to 11.6 ECU/odt for forest residues was found. The results on logistics have previously been reported elsewhere. The pretreatment technology of solid biomass fuel has been assessed. Based on a literature survey and inquiries of manufacturers the technical, economic and environmental information has been gathered. The considered pretreatment operations are: storage and transport at the conversion site; size reduction; drying; briquetting and pelletizing; feeding of solid biomass into gasifiers. An economic evaluation of the pretreatment system for a 30 MWe gasification plant has been made for five biomass fuels: fresh wood, paper, sewage sludge, verge grass and demolition wood. The differences in calculated pretreatment costs for these fuels result mainly from the differences in heating value and moisture content. The range of pretreatment costs found was from 1.4 MECU for demolition wood to 11.4 MECU for wet sewage sludge. 29 figs., 31 tabs., 23 refs.

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