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Verificatie van de modelmatig beschreven afdichting van een bagger-speciedepot volgens het ZV&ZH-principe
Published by: Publication date:
ECN 1996
ECN report number: Document type:
ECN-C--95-111 ECN publication
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The title model describes the velocity of the sealing process on thebasis of chemical and physical parameters. The investigation aims at the verification of the modelled performances of the seal. The parameter by which the quality of the seal is predicted is called the RC-factor, describing the diffusion limitation in spoil depots. It indicates the enlargement of the path, realized by the formed seal. The values RC = 1, 2, 3, etc. are equal to path enlargements of 10 cm, 100 cm, 1000 cm, etc., respectively. Several factors, applied in the modelling study, are investigated and verified on the basis of the results of laboratory experiments. Important factors are the location of the precipitate formation, the amount of precipitate, diffusion velocities in spoil and the alkaline reactant layer. From the laboratory experiments it appears that the predicted factors agree well with the experimental results. It is concluded that the modelling of the sealing of a dredge spoil depot on the basis of self-forming and self-recovering sealing design predicts results, confirmed by bench-scale experiments. The formed seal fulfills the required sealing demands. 20 figs., 13 refs., 10 refs., 1 appendix

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